School of Goldsboro Ballet

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The School of Goldsboro Ballet offers classical training for the serious and newly enthused dancer. The studio prides itself on student based training from an educational approach. The safe development of dancers is our priority with a staff that is knowledgeable in exercise physiology and kinesiology of dance. Our studio offers a variety of classes ranging from Pre-Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet. The Pre-Ballet starts the development of future dancers through creative movement at our younger age with a smooth transition to a formal classical approach as the dancer grows and matures. If you want a strong background and stable foundation in dance, then the School of Goldsboro Ballet is for you.

Goldsboro Ballet

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Goldsboro Ballet is a non-profit dance organization whose mission is to produce quality ballet performances for the Goldsboro-Wayne County area. Our dancers are from the greater Wayne County and surrounding areas, and are committed to the art of ballet. We were conceived in 1982 as Goldsboro Civic Ballet, with an Advisory Board of 10 interested citizens. We became a member of the Arts Council of Wayne County in 1985, and continue to be the Dance Affiliate of the Arts Council of Wayne County. In 1997, we became known as Goldsboro Ballet as the growth and quality of performances grew away from the simplicity of a civic production. Goldsboro Ballet provides exposure for our dancers by bringing in guest artist for guest performances, choreography and workshops. The Ballet Company proudly produces three annual public performances.Our goal is to offer performance opportunities for dancers who wish to be educated and dedicated to the Art of Ballet. As Wayne County grows, the appreciation in the Arts will grow and develop as well through organizations such as Goldsboro Ballet with your support!

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