taught by Mary Franklin

Pre-Dance is the only combination class offered at the School of Goldsboro Ballet. This class is available for students ages 3-5 with or without previous dance experience. The class centers around age appropriate instruction focusing on teaching basic movement concepts, beginner Ballet technique that is appropriate for the development of the students. Creative Movement concepts are incorporated throughout the class to further the enjoyment and cross curricular instruction to include enhancing brain development and stimulation through the art of dance. Appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises are utilized in a fun, creative environment. Students learn discipline, structure, creative expression, spatial awareness, movement qualities and much more. We teach 20-30 minutes of Pre-Tap at the beginning of the class to incorporate rhythm, ankle strength and basic tap technique introduction. Our philosophy, concerning students ages 3-5, is that students will develop strength rhythm and timing through the introduction of tap at this young age. Pre-Ballet curriculum crosses smoothly into Pre-Tap skills to enhance both techniques and provide a necessary state change for student's engagement in instruction. The class aims to have students develop a true love for their dance.

predance pose

Pre-Dance Classes

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