taught by Lauren McKee

Various styles of jazz are taught within the course of our program including traditional jazz, street jazz, urban/funk, stylized jazz, lyrical jazz, and musical theatre/Broadway. Technique work, based in ballet, is the foundation of each class. Students are expected to master the basics at each level before progressing to the next, and are admitted into upper levels only with prior experience or approval of the teacher. Every class includes warm ups, technique, floor work and dance combinations. Our classes include techniques pulled from traditional jazz warm-ups, yoga, pilates and various other body strengthening and stretching techniques. Teachers have distinct knowledge in the areas of exercise physiology, kinesiology and exercise fitness.

jazz pose

Jazz Classes

Class Name Age Group Day Time
Jazz 2 & 37-10Thursday5:00-6:00
Jazz 410-upThursday6:00-7:00
Jazz 513-upWednesday6:15-7:30