taught by Kelly Gallagher

Irish dance originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago, but is now a global phenomenon... classes are currently being taught on every continent! Kelly wants to spread her love of the dance as well in every class she teaches. Irish Dance not only is a great form of exercise, but it teaches discipline, improves memory, and gives one a sense of pride and accomplishment! Irish dancing helps improve balance and coordination as well. Dance class is a great opportunity to socialize and meet new friends! Students will also have opportunities to compete in solo and team competitions, as well as dance in local performances! Dancers gain stage presence and confidence each time they step on stage!

irish pose

Irish Classes

Class Name Age Group Day Time
Irish 1PlacementFriday5:00-5:30
Irish 2PlacementFriday5:30-6:30
Irish 3PlacementFriday6:30-7:30