taught by Peggy Wingate, Mary Franklin, and Lauren McKee

Classical Ballet classes are offered for ages 5 and up. Our ballet curriculum is a research based structure that is designed to train each dancer to excel. We are committed to preparing our students for their futures in ballet by educating them on proper ballet technique and etiquette. We believe ballet is the foundation of dance which strengthens and elongates the body as well as the soul. Our dancers are able increase their memory, creativity and discipline through our classes. Many of our dancers continue on to become professional dancers, or dance in college, however other former dancers that have become pharmacists, teachers, doctors and many other professions give credit to the self-discipline they have learned through their journey with ballet.

ballet pose

Ballet Classes

Class Name Age Group Day Time
Ballet 15-6Tuesday5:00-5:45
Ballet 15-6Thursday5:30-6:15
Ballet 27-8Monday6:00-7:00
Ballet 38-10Monday4:15-5:30
Ballet 410-upTuesday5:45-7:15
Ballet 513-upMonday7:15-8:45
Boys BalletPlacementThursday4:15-5:00
Intensive BalletPlacementFriday5:15-6:30
Adult Ballet18-upTuesday6:45-7:30