taught by Mary Franklin

Tumbling is a sport involving the performance of a sequence of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness. Such skills include handsprings, handstands, cartwheels and rolls. It developed from fitness and beauty practices used by the ancient Greeks and further entered into Physical Education in the public schools. Gymnastics is offered in order to give our dancers another opportunity to increase their agility, flexibility and strength. Safety and understanding of pre-proficiency skills will be first and foremost in our classes. Tumbling is the only portion of gymnastics we offer, as we are a Ballet school and this is offered purely supplementally for dancers.

tumbling pose

Tumbling Classes

Class Name Age Group Day Time
Gymnastics 1MultiTuesday4:45-5:30
Gymnastics 2MultiWednesday4:15-5:15
Gymnastics 3MultiWednesday5:15-6:15