taught by Mary Franklin

Modern Dance is now available at the School of Goldsboro Ballet to enhance and further develop the dancer. Modern Dance aims to teach the release of movements, balance and strength of the body while allowing dancers to feel gravity working with them through this expressive form of movement. Technical studies include, but are not limited to Horton, Graham, and Cunningham styles. Dancers will further their understanding of muscular control through release and sustained movement as well as increase their performance quality of dance. Although Modern technique is a big part of training, the actual choreography of modern dance relies on a true freedom of movement. Contemporary Dance has formed from the merge of these various techniques, thus creating a wide variety of styles of Modern Dance fused as one. Contemporary dance choreography will be explored as well in our Modern Dance classes.

modern pose

Modern Classes

Class Name Age Group Day Time
Modern 410-upTuesday7:15-8:15
Modern 513-upMonday6:15-7:15