Alice in Wonderland Ballet

@the Paramount Theatre



We join Lewis Carroll, a professor who is frustrated with the lack of obedience and discipline his students are exhibiting. He disappears into his mind and begins to create Fairy Tale Characters. The students transform into the characters he is imagining them to be, based on their behaviors and he further writes a detail encounter a girl named Alice as she chases a White Rabbit down a rabbit hole.

--Act I, Sc.1: Hall of Doors--

Alice finds herself landing out of the Rabbit hole into a hall of doors. She sees the White rabbit run in and out of the doors, but as she approaches the doors, they move and confuse her. She sees a floating tray of cookies with a sign telling her to eat one! She then grows larger than the door and begins to cry out of frustration. Due to her size, she finds her tears become like a river and then is struggling to stay afloat as she is drowning in her own tears. She sees the White Rabbit coming across the river of tears in a boat and climbs aboard to save herself.

--Act I, Sc.2: Queen’s Garden--

Alice follows the white rabbit only to find herself in a very strange and unusual garden. There is a giant mushroom, with a caterpillar that is dancing. As she is entertained by the caterpillar and its friends, she sees a glass with a sign to Drink. After swimming in her tears, she is quite thirsty and decides to have a beverage. She is amazed as the caterpillar seems to grow in to one oversized caterpillar! As she travels further into the garden, she encounters the most unusual Cheshire cat, a Flamingo with babies and then all of the people of Wonderland come to the bright part of the garden to play a most unusual croquet game. They use the baby flamingos as mallots which amuses but worries Alice. What is this Wonderland that she has fallen in to?

--Act I, Sc. 3: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party--

Alice sees the White Rabbit run off again and chases him as he seems to be late again for something important. She finds herself at the home of the Mad Hatter as he serves life size tea and cupcakes. He has 2 unusual pets a dormouse and March hare that dine with them as if they are humans. It is quite a fun and unique tea party. Madness is the order of the day and Alice feels she is not where she is supposed to be. The White Rabbit runs off again, so her curiosity gets the best of her as she once again follows the Rabbit further into Wonderland.


--Act II, Sc. 1 Duchess’ Kitchen--

The Rabbit leads Alice to the home of the Duchess who she has seen at the Mad Hatter’s and the Garden Croquet game. The Cheshire Cat apparently belongs to this Duchess as well as a baby that looks more like a pig. The Duchess is making soup and seems to be putting too much pepper in the soup. Alice tries to stop her when she then sees her trying to add the pig baby. Alice is mortified and tries to get the baby from the mad people of Wonderland. Suddenly, the Gardeners come to the Duchess’ home to show the beautiful white roses that are in bloom. The Duchess is irate, because she told them to plant RED roses. She explains that the Queen will chop off her head and comes up with a plan to paint the roses red.

--Act II, Sc.2 The Rose Garden--

The Gardeners are trying to paint the roses red, but the life like roses do not want to be painted. The Queen arrives to discover the atrocity and demands the Duchess to explain. To punish her friend the Duchess, she orders the Executioners to chop off the head of the Cheshire Cat. Upon doing so the Cat reappears with the Duchess and they run away. The Queen is outraged and calls court in session.

--Act II, Sc.3 The Queen of Heart’s Court--

The Queen arrives to her Court with the Knaves of the land presenting her tarts. During the dance, the sneaky knave of Spades steals her tarts. The Queen thinks the Knave of Hearts stole the tarts and demands his head. Alice exposes the Knave of Spades and spares the Knave of Heart’s life.

--Act II, Sc. 4 The Garden Fight--

Alice leaves the madness of the court and encounters the Knave of Hearts in the Garden. He thanks her for saving his life as she discovers that he is the kindest person she's ever met. The Knave of Spades discovers Alice in the garden and tries to attack her, when the Knave of Hearts stands up for her and fights the Knave of Spades. The Queen arrives and we discover that she is in love with the Knave of Spades, not the Knave of Hearts. Her anger boils and she turns into a dragon, attacking Alice and the Knave of Hearts. The Knave of Hearts fights off the dragon and saves Alice from Wonderland.

--Epilogue: The Finale--

Alice finds herself outside by the tree and runs to Lewis Carroll. She explains that he must keep writing, because she has fallen in love with the Knave of Hearts. Lewis agrees and continues where they left off in the garden. The Knave of Hearts proposes to Alice to marry him. All the people and creatures of Wonderland come out to celebrate. As to what happens next, we leave that to your imagination.

Performance Dates and Times

Day Date Time
ThursdayMarch 11, 20217:00pm
FridayMarch 12, 20217:00pm
SaturdayMarch 13, 20213:00pm
SaturdayMarch 13, 20217:00pm
SundayMarch 14, 20213:00pm
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